Ancestry by DNA

DNA Test for Ancestry – For Ethnicity

People often come with the curiosity of knowing about their ancestors, their history and from where they were? Now, it is possible to know about the individual's family history, origin of ancestors by simply getting the DNA test for ancestry done.

Why DNA Test for Ancestry?

Determining a person’s bio-geographic ancestry, a DNA test for ancestry is the basic need for those who are researching their family history or want to

DNA Ancestry Genetics Test in India | Indian Biosciences
DNA Ancestry Genetics Test in India | Indian Biosciences

learn more about themselves, their background and ancestors. There are various instances that have proved that people from different parts of the world come and go to different states and nations to know about their ancestors. This wonderful test provides you with a better understanding of your genetic ancestry and endows you with a window into further research about your possible ancestors. It also provides ancestral estimates for populations like European, Indigenous, American, Sub-Saharan African, East Asian and different others.

What Will You Get in DNA Test for Ancestry?

When you apply for this test process, you will get a package that includes:

  1. DNA Sample Collection Kit : Easy-to-use DNA sample collection kit that include cheek swabs with complete instructions for use.
  2. Certificate of Test in PDF Files : A certificate is issued for your ancestral ethnicity percentages.
  3. Manual Results in PDF : You will get manual results and endows you with information about ancestry testing and human migration history.

Indian Biosciences – Offering Precise and Accurate DNA Test for Ancestry

Indian Biosciences –DNA Testing Simplified, is one stop for DNA test for ancestry or any DNA test like Relationship testing, Health and Wellness etc. is online wing of Indian Biosciences where we provide best DNA test in Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Ludhiana, Kolkata and different other cities in India. Such test are done in world-class accredited laboratories under the supervision of experts and professionals from the field. Procedure for sample collection is painless and involves collecting sterile swabs from inner cheeks of the patient by professional and experienced person.